vol.9 May-Jun.2017

Crimson Resort & Spa General Manager
Mr. Didier Belmonte

Mr. Didier Belmonte
  • Experience the local culture and warmth of the Cebuanos.

    Mr. Didier Belmonte

    What better way to experience the island than to experience the Cebuanos warmth and hospitality?
    "We would like our guests to see how friendly Filipino people are and how beautiful the island is," says Mr. Belmonte.
    Situated on one of the country's tropical paradises, Cebu, the Crimson Resort and Spa not only showcases a unique 6-hectare beach resort but, also offers a one-of-a-kind relaxation experience with a touch of the local culture as displayed in their warm, nature-inspired interiors and scenic landscape. Bringing together the elements of luxury and warm Filipino atmosphere, there is no doubt why they continue to flourish as the top beach resort destination in the province.

  • A standout tourist destination

    The resort offers first-class facilities and services with 40 exquisite private villas, 250 guestrooms, a lavish spa, serene infinity pools, and a stunning private beach with an enchanting view of the sea.
    Aiming to be the first internationally-recognized Filipino brand, they continue to evolve by upgrading and expanding their facilities to cater the emerging needs of their guests, while upholding their high standards.
    "We aim to offer our guests a true 5-star experience," he added when asked about why people should choose Crimson. And as to how they can ensure the highest quality customer service, he shared, " a happy team makes happy guests."
    The resort indeed has a lot to offer and we can only expect more in the upcoming years.

  • Cebu as a tropical paradise.

    With Cebu being nestled in a prime location, boasting its long stretches of the finest white-sand beaches and rich marine life, it is not surprising that it is known to many as a tropical paradise.
    Also with the ongoing expansion of Mactan International Airport, on top of the growing number of direct international flights, we can expect a constant increase in the number of foreign visitors and the advancement of Mr. Belmonte and his team right alongside.
    "The beach, the calm ocean, the history and culture will always make people want to visit Cebu and we are now setting stage for the drastic increase of our guests through the upcoming years."

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