vol.18 Nov.-Dec.|2018

Arnika Spa President
Mr. OH Kyeungrae

Mr. OH Kyeungrae
  • “Love Cebu, love the people who come to Cebu” - that’s the management’s motivation.

    Mr. OH Kyeungrae

    Arnika spa is a place where guests can be free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and heal their body and soul in a traditional Filipino garden full of nature. Mr. Oh opened this spa eight years ago when he saw his loved ones healed by Cebu and his heart was captured by the wonder of natural healing. Their priority is to fully satisfy customers with their services and make them feel that “Cebu is the best.”

  • Share happiness in this place of good luck.

    “For me, Cebu is a place that attracts luck” said Mr. Oh full of love and respect for Cebu. The reason he came to Cebu the first time was because his wife was suffering from back pain and he decided to place her in long term care in Cebu, a place wrapped in rich nature and a warm climate. In this relaxing, slow paced lifestyle, he observed his wife regaining her health and he fell in love with the wonder of natural treatment and the environment of Cebu. Due to his experience, he thought about making a living in the Philippines and came up with the idea of starting Arnika Spa, a business with the culture of Cebu, a business that makes people happy.

  • A growing business with respect for both customers and employees.

    Among the numerous spas in Cebu, Arnika Spa is focusing on appealing to Japanese customers. “Originally, many shops in this area were aimed at Korean customers, therefore I decided to aim, on the contrary, to Japanese customers.” Mr. Oh mentioned also that he likes the humbleness and gentleness of Japanese people. “Long ago, a 70-year-old Japanese man visited our spa looking for a job, so I hired him to be in charge of welcoming our Japanese guests. I was very impressed by his honest hard work and how he enjoyed talking with younger people. He has passed away now, but he will always be the man who gave me a good impression of Japanese people and a man I will never forget.” Today the spa is so popular among the Japanese that they make up 80% of their customers.
    “I do not chase after big profits at Arnika Spa.” For Mr. Oh, the main purpose of his business is to give customers healing and satisfaction. “When it comes to hopes for the future, I’d like to build a homey hotel connected to a homey Arnika Spa, so guests can stay as long as they want and be healed and relax as much as they want to. Earning happiness is my ideal way of business.” Due to the differences in laws and customs, he had some difficulties launching a business in a foreign country, but his solid policy of giving happiness to all, customers and employees alike, Arnika Spa keeps providing people healing and relaxation.

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