vol.23 Sep.-Oct. | 2019

SMEAG Global Education President
Mr. Hwang Sunjae

Mr. Hwang Sunjae
  • Passion for people is our driving force! We emphasize ease at work and compassion.

    Mr. Hwang Sunjae

    With three campuses in Cebu, SMEAG is the largest language school in the Philippines. Together with their school director, Mr. Hwang, they have overcome various challenges and will be celebrating their 13th year in the industry this September.
    "I want to always give the company profits back to our hard-working and passionate employees. More than 80% of our employees are full-time and we are constantly aiming to create a comfortable working environment, so that our employees feel at ease and secure." They also offer pension for all their Filipino staff. They truly put their employees' happiness first.

  • They contribute to community through volunteer activities!

    "We believe that every person who does business in the Philippines should give back to the community to show their appreciation for the opportunity to do business here. We have been actively volunteering and donating to children in orphanages and to victims of natural disasters for over 10 years and hope to continue doing so. There are endless opportunities for foreigners who wish to do business in the Philippines. We are grateful that the Filipino people give us such warm welcomes and treat us kindly," said Mr. Hwang. "It's natural to want to help, regardless of nationality."

  • Realizing a dream in the Philippines through DAEAA

    The ESL association called The Department of Affiliated English Academies in Asia (DAEAA) was founded in May of this year. Through this organization, the top five largest ESL schools in Cebu share their curricula and marketing strategies, with the aim of improving the quality of ESL schools rather than competing with each other. "The Philippines is not a native English speaking country, but it has the best conditions in terms of cost and distance for Asian people to study English. I aim to make Cebu a more appealing educational city by making ESL schools more competitive with native English schools. Cebu is visited mainly by students from East Asia, such as Japan, Korea, and China. Recently, there also has been an increase of students from Vietnam, Russia, and the Middle East. I want the Philippines to be globally known as not only a tourist destination, but also as place for educational opportunities. We are working towards making this dream come true. "

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