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MCIAA – Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority General Manager / CEO
Mr. Steve Y. Dicdican

Mr. Steve Y. Dicdican
  • MCIAA – Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority

    Mr. Steve Y. Dicdican

    MCIAA is the brainchild of Cebuano Congressman Del Mar to promote aviation growth in the Visayas and Mindanao. MCIAA is a government agency operating Mactan-Cebu International Airport in cooperation with their private partner, GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation.

  • A hassle-free travel experience

    "I've always been an advocate of balancing security and convenience. I wanted to reduce the security procedures that the passengers have to go through by removing the initial screening to make procedures move more smoothly.
    All luggage screening will be done in the back of the house via the conveyor belt. We also are using fully-automated check-in machines so passenger movement is increasing by 30%."
    MCIAA also prides itself on its concessionaires, from food items, to beauty & wellness products, from statement shirts to house decors, there are many products that can only be found here. All these items foster in our passengers warm and enjoyable memories of Cebu and other neighboring islands. "We aim for our concessionaires to come up with unique designs, over and beyond what you normally see in other stores."

  • A gateway to a one-of-a-kind experience

    Currently, there are a total of 24 airlines servicing MCIA. This increase is due to the flock of tourists visiting Cebu and other neighboring islands. "The biggest growth now is in the international flights. In 2018, domestic flights grew by 10% with Manila and Davao being the leading destinations. While international flights grew by 22% with Korea, China, and Japan as major destinations."
    Cebu is known for its seas and mountains. Terminal 1 mirrors the mountains of Cebu, while Terminal 2 is inspired by the wonderful seas and waters of the island. Both airports mimic the bountifulness of Cebu but also have different vibes.
    "We have a very beautiful airport now. It's iconic and unique, but it's only a gateway to Cebu. There are a lot of beautiful things and places in Cebu. I hope for the readers and passengers to be able to experience these because I think Cebu is one of the best destinations in the world!"

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