vol.16 Jul.-Aug. | 2018

Maayo Hotels Brand Communication Manager
Ms. Elvira Torre

Ms. Elvira Torre
  • Maayo Hotel Celebrating Cebuano culture in Cebu’s first wellness complex!

    Ms. Elvira Torre

    Maayo Hotel and Maayo Well are both the materialization of the owner’s vision which is to provide the Visayan culture of service beyond oneself. “Maayo” is from the Visayan word which means good, kind and well. Maayo Hotel features 229 comfortable guest rooms, painted in soothing hues and palettes that inspire relaxation and solace. Maayo Well on the otherhand, perfectly complements the hotel, allowing Maayo to offer more than just relaxation. In Maayo Well, guests can get a well-deserved treatment in terms of both wellness and aesthetic services, all performed by locally and internationally trained doctors and nurses. “We want our guests to feel that Maayo can be there second home, I want them to have not only the feeling of being rejuvenated but also the feeling that they are taken care of.”

  • A pioneer in medical tourism

    “Being able to follow through with the concept of a wellness complex is quite a challenge.” As a pioneer in the medical tourism industry, Maayo Hotel and Maayo Well have set the standards for this field in Cebu, and in the Visayas. “In the future, I see Maayo Hotel and Maayo Well taking off as the leader of medical tourism and we want to replicate those standards, not only in Cebu, but also in other parts of the country.”

  • A 4-star premier hotel and wellness complex

    Maayo Hotel and Maayo Well are the two establishments that form Cebu’s very first 4-star hotel and wellness complex. The wellness hub, located in the heart of Cebu, offers a whole new kind of wellness experience for those who seek it. Maayo Hotel and Maayo Well are both conveniently located 15 minutes away from the airport, 5 minutes from the mall and 15-20 minutes away from Cebu City. “The best thing about Cebu is that it is a resort destination, an adventurer’s haven and the proximity is an advantage as well. Places are not too far from each other. That is true, especially here in Maayo!”

    “It is the dream of the owners to have all our guests to go back home better, may it be from local to foreign travelers. So, whether you are coming in for travel or seek medical treatments, at Maayo you can experience both, and leave better than when you came. If you are an individual with a serious case of wanderlust, a traveler in search of healing, a tired soul in need of wellness, or simply a worker or student craving for some “me time”, you will find new ways to stay well at Maayo Hotel in Cebu.”

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