vol.24 Nov.-Dec. | 2019

IMPERIAL SPA ・Cheeva Spa Owner
Mrs. Sandy Yan

Mrs. Sandy Yan
  • Already in their golden years, she prefer managing a less- stressful business; thus the birth of Imperial and Cheeva Spa.

    Mrs. Sandy Yan

    10 years ago, they started coming to Cebu City regularly. The laid-back life and the positive attitude of the Filipinos made them fall in love with the place. They also both love massages, but noticed that spas were still scarce in the city back then. This motivated them to build exceptional spas with quality massage services, impressive interiors, and high-grade facilities.
    They opened Imperial Spa 4 years ago, becoming one of the pioneers in Cebu's spa industry. As expected, it became a hit in Cebu and has always been filled with guests even up-to-date. 3 years later, they opened another remarkable spa – the Cheeva Spa. And just like the first spa they opened, it is also well-loved by both locals and tourists and is always filled with guests every night.

  • Consistency is the key to sustain a business in a continually growing and booming city.

    For the couple, now is the best time to open any service business in Cebu as it is continually growing economically and booming with more and more tourists from different countries. However, this is also be a challenge for them to sustain their business amidst the non-stop rise of competitors. For them, consistency is the key to survive. They make sure to offer the same quality service and satisfaction to their regular and new customers. In the coming years, they are considering about opening another branch in Mactan – where most of the tourists reside.

  • A relaxing massage is good for one’s health – both physically and mentally.

    As Cebu continues to boom as a city, stress becomes more common among the people here. An hour in the spa is a very good and healthy way to relieve stress. It has a lot of health benefits, including blood circulation. So a good massage is no longer a luxury nowadays; it is already a necessity. People deserve superior service and spa experience, like what Imperial and Cheeva spa offer.

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