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  • Attractive tourist spots that coexist with nature - Carmen.

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.14 Mar.-Apr.2018

    A hidden gem for nature lovers and a safari park for all the adventure seekers lies in the Sierra of this small northern town.

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    Attractive tourist spots that  coexist with nature - Carmen.
  • Moalboal〜 A hidden European resort in Western Cebu 〜

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.13 Jan.-Feb.2018

    Along the west coast of Cebu... As you go through the bustling countryside, a variety of shops line the narrow streets. An early dinner in the open, passing amber atmosphere on the terrace of a delicious, reputed Italian restaurant. "The Europe of Cebu, or Little Boracay! Cheers in Moalboal!" Quench your thirst by gulping down a cold craft beer in one head and seek the western sky. The amber sun crosses the sea and sinks into the foothills, you'll feel the glowing sunset, the simple locals will gather, the children are blessed with little pieces of happiness, and the multitude of nature's graces. Be soothed by the sound of the waves and the sea breeze and when you'll heart has been filled, the violet night sky will quietly disappear and you'll catch glimpses of falling stars. As this moment passes, your hope for more strength and beauty in the future for the important people in your life will glitter like the stars.

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    Moalboal〜 A hidden European resort in Western Cebu 〜

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.9 May-Jun.2017

    A bangka boat rocking on the waves. Climbing aboard feels unsteady but that makes it twice as thrilling. About 40-50 minutes after chartering the boat from the resort area along east Mactan Island, you'll detour around the Olango Reef Flat (shallows), and before you pass by some island, you'll find Caohagan Island. The bangka boat stops off the east coast of the island and you'll take a smaller boat to the shore. You're welcomed by many children as you climb up the rugged beach. You walk through the residential areas to cross the island. You weave your way between the small houses and as you reach the west side of the island, a grand white beach welcomes you with a smile. With a view that'll make you want to spontaneously break into a run, this island is popular among people who enjoy island-hopping. It's a little far from Hilutungan Island and Nalusuan Island where people enjoy diving. But the shallows of the beaches give off the illusion you might be able to walk all the way there. It's a perfect place for those who want to relax and take it easy. You walk towards the sea. With a calm mind and sounds of splashing waves, you continue walking. Then you realize for a moment. There is the sun, the blue skies, the sea breeze, ripples on the water, and you. The strange feeling that you can see roundness of the earth with a 360°panoramic view.

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    CAOHAGAN    Is.
  • The Views of Cebu Seen from the Sky

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.8 Mar.-Apr.2017

    ①OLANGO Is

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    The Views of Cebu  Seen from the Sky
  • The Camotes Islands are Now Booming!

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.7 Jan.-Feb.2017

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    The Camotes Islands  are Now Booming!
  • Fully experience magnificent nature! Osmeña Peak

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.6 Nov.-Dec.2016

    A superb view that can only be seen by climbing Osmeña Peak. On one side of the rocks is the summit and from there, it becomes a deep valley. There are many, uniquely shaped mountains spreading out before your eyes, welcoming you. You can see the town of Badian off in the distance. Badian Island comes into view, and behind that, the small Pescador Island, and the large island, Negros, over the straits. If you look behind you, you'll Bohol Island. It's the best location for a vast, 360°panoramic view. The dry season starts in December, so then is the best season for mountain climbing.

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    Fully experience magnificent nature! Osmeña Peak
  • A small tropical paradise blessed with panoramic nature. Lubi Resort SANTANDER

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.5 Sep.-Oct.2016

    Located about half-hour from Oslob by car, via the road revealing the daily lives of the locals, you'll arrive at a small resort called "Lubi Resort". Surrounded by palm trees, it's a place to relax and refresh without any worries.

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    A small tropical paradise blessed with panoramic nature. Lubi Resort SANTANDER
  • Traveling Around Olango Island

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.4 Jul.-Aug.2016

    Olango Island is 20 minutes away by banka boat from Mactan Island. Time flowed by gently as Olango Island came into view. When I was walking in the bright sunshine, I met a woman coming out from the house. "Are you Japanese?" she asked with a smile. "Yes" I responded. "Anata no namae wa nan desu ka (what's your name)?" she asked in halting Japanese. I told her in Japanese her Japanese was very good and she beamed with a great big smile. After that, everyone I saw, adults and children, passed each other with a smile. I saw a group of a few people having fun at a karaoke bar. Everyone here seems to loves karaoke, regardless of age or gender. On the roadsides, jackfruit, rimas, and chico grow; coconuts and bananas are everywhere as well as many BBQ shops. There are no mountains so it's easy to go anywhere by bicycle, tricycle, or motorcycle. There aren't any streetlights so when night comes, it gets dark. However, people chill out and play cards by their house lights. The island was enveloped in silence momentarily; the ripples in the moonlight gave me a peaceful feeling.

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    Traveling Around Olango Island
  • Take In the Beauty of Cebu's Skies

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.3 May-Jun.2016

    The beautiful sea, coral reef, and tropical fish... The many attractive diving spots in Cebu. The Chocolate Hills on Bohol Island, Osmena Peak, etc. The mountains with unusual ridgelines where a variety of fruits and vegetables grow. The animals and plants. But we must not forget about the sky... The sunrise and sunsets beyond the horizon convey a magical beauty as well. The sight of dawn from the East coast of Mactan Island. The moment the sun peaks from beyond Olango Island. A marked line show us; on the left is the spreading blue skies of morning and on the right, the spreading darkness of night.

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    Take In the Beauty of Cebu's Skies
  • Main Springs Bath in Cebu’s Forest

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.2 Mar.-Apr.2016

    1st Pool This hot water is the nearest to its source. So you can enjoy the piping hot water. It can easily turns your skin red. There’s also one more pool beside it. The locals like the seemingly low temperature. You might enjoy a long, leisurely soak here.

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    Main Springs Bath in Cebu’s Forest
  • A view you could just stare at forever

    © CEBU navi SAKURA | vol.1 Jan.-Feb.2016

    Across the sea you can see the mountains of Cebu Island, with its vast sugarcane fields. The gradation of blues between shallow and deep waters is a sight to behold.

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    A view you could just stare at forever