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Winning English School

  • Cebu City
  • Learning English in Cebu
  • Philippines


Winning English School

Acquire English language skills with a unique system in a conducive environment

At Winning English, you are guaranteed a high quality English education using this standard system
◆Practical Activities :Perform activities that use real life English conversation and language.
◆Simulation: Gain mastery in different daily life situations and career-related scenarios.
◆Native Teacher Class:Converse, interact, and become well-acquainted with the English language through experienced native American and British teachers.
◆Outreach Program:Get involved in community service, such as meal programs, etc.

  • We are family! CARE is the core concept of Winning English.

  • First Taiwanese-founded ESL in Cebu Make Taiwanese friends and learn Chinese at the same time.

  • Great location Located in the heart of Cebu.

  • Exchange courses with local colleges and organizations


  • Timetable
  • 07:00~08:00
    朝食 Breakfast
  • 08:00~08:50
    1st Class スピーキング・リスニングSpeaking and Listening
  • 09:00~09:50
    2nd Class リーディングReading
  • 10:00~10:50
    3rd Class
    文法・ライティングGrammar and Writing
  • 11:00~11:50
    4th Class
    Group Class(Public Speaking)
  • 12:00~13:00
    昼食 Lunch
  • 13:00~13:50
    5th Class
    スピーキング・リスニングSpeaking and Listening
  • 14:00~14:50
    6th Class
  • 15:00~15:50
    7th Class
    文法・ライティングGrammar and Writing
  • 16:00~16:50
    8th Class
    Group Class(Public Speaking)
  • 17:00~
    夕食 Dinner
Winning English School


  • address
    129 General Echavez St, Cebu
  • phone number
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Winning English School